Email Marketing is the best way to target your existing customers and create new ones. It is a simple strategy to promote your business. It allures new customers as well along with maintaining close touch with loyal customers. There’s an extensive list of email marketing services accessible today and most work at relatively low costs, with packages to fit every business size and need. It totally depends on your requirement of a tool and the choice of a plan based on your budget.


Present time is all-the-time-online world; consumers are connected to digital technology 24/7. In today’s world with so much of competition in every field, it’s very difficult to stand out with just SEO, SMM, etc. You have to be present everywhere the consumer is surfing. Email marketing is one of the best ways to stay in front of probable and existing customers. By this, you cover another platform chasing your valuable customers. In fact, Email marketing is more prominent over SMS marketing. The open rate for emails is higher than for SMS’s.


Email marketing is a cost-effective, simple and efficient way of digital promotions if done in a right manner. PromoBuddy makes sure that your emails are read by relevant eyes. Moreover, email marketing services help in increasing your site traffic. You can direct customers to required pages of your websites through these emails. You can keep your customer’s updates with your Business. This builds trust and a long lasting relationship between you and your customer.

E-mail Marketing Company in India

What we offer in Our Email Marketing Services?

Email Marketing Services from our Company invariably include a custom-designed email template, professional copywriting services, and analytical tracking and reporting.


Step 1 - Building Opt-In Email List


  • We work with your team to add opted email sign-ups to contact forms.
  • Utilize social media platforms and paid campaigns to grow the list.
  • Add new opt-in signups for new email goal.


Step 2 - Design Custom Template Email Layouts


  • Analyze the content of your website to pick up the most user interacted part.
  • Tailor email templates with experienced designers that fit your services/products.
  • Use data from previous email campaigns to include manifested design elements.


Step 3 - Create Email Content


  • Write influencing content by understanding your business and target audience.
  • Run promotional offers to increase engagement.
  • Design effective and attractive emails to enhance conversions.


Step 4 - Keep an Organized Track of Your Email Campaigns


  • Track send rates and delivery rates.
  • Track open rates and click-through rate
  • Track web site visits, sales, leads, and revenue for each email shooted.


Step 5 - Test your Email Campaigns


  • Run A/B Testing.
  • Split-test subject lines.
  • Examine Number of links.
  • Analyze image vs text frequency.
  • Split-test copy & offers.
  • The frequency of Call-to-Actions and their placement.
  • Split-test send time & date.
  • And much more!


Step 6 - Advanced Email Marketing Strategies


  • We use various strategies to increase the email open and click-through rate. We precisely work on hours that get the highest involvement with your emails. Our strategies are predominantly designed to enhance ROI.

Why Choose our Email Marketing Services?

Let’s just once take our services, and you’ll yourself speak for our results. We work for your business considering as our own. Therefore, whatever we do comes from the perspective of being a business owner. At PromoBuddy, we offer you very smooth cooperation and healthy communication which is utmost important for the better results and to build forever relationships.


Let’s talk about the good points you don’t need to worry about. Which includes:


  • You’ll receive a dedicated Account Manager, this provides you with a guide, a support team including an analyst, a web designer, a developer, and a dedicated email marketing specialist.
  • You’ll own your Email Marketing Creative’s, unlike most of the other companies who won’t let you carry the work when you switch that they have done for you.
  • We let you optimize your marketing costs. We do not impose anything on you.
  • We don’t believe in just acquiring clients, we believe in building healthy terms.
  • We don’t bound you with any term contracts. You can yourself opt-in for the duration you want.
  • You’ll receive detailed Monthly Reports. This also explains your increase in Revenue.