PPC Services To Diversify Your Traffic

Are you looking for ways to grow your business rapidly with PPC services? We know that with Content marketing services and SEO services are both great ways to attract visitors to your site but the only problem is that these tactics can take several months, even years, to build an impressive amount of traffic. In particular pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, where you pay a network every time your ad is clicked.

Do People Really Click on PPC ads?

The answer is YES!

One of the main reasons that you can achieve such a good ROI with PPC services is because you can target ad copy keywords with high buyer intent. This improves ad rank and even your quality score. Consider that any query where a searcher is looking to purchase something usually has the maximum number of ads on it (e.g. “buy a toaster” will have several ads on it).

That means that for all of the best keywords (from a revenue point of view), SEO results only get about 60% of the clicks. On top of that, those are the most competitive terms to rank for and the most expensive for PPC ad copy placement. This is one of the main reasons why PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than those that go through the organic search results.

In fact, PPC marketing (the most common type of PPC services) is one of the best marketing channels, when it comes to ROI (judged by professional marketers): Obviously, there’s much more to PPC than a call to action from a text ad or search query.


Are you ready to learn something that could take your business to a new level of profitability? We’re going to go over all of the main concepts of PPC that you’ll need to know. Once you understand them, it’s just a matter of digging a bit deeper into each concept and actually trying them out, it goes like this:

  • What is PPC?
  • What is PPC Ad Network?
  • How do you know if a PPC Service is right for you?
  • How PPC services are better?
  • Benefits of PPC services.
  • How to drive greater brand growth?
  • How can you advertise PPC Ads?
  • What factors determine my PPC costs?
  • Why advertise with pay-per-click ads?
  • What businesses can (and should) advertise online?
  • Why Hire a PPC Company to Manage Your Pay Per Click Ads?


1. What is PPC?

Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. Pay-per-click is commonly associated with first-tier search engines. PPC Marketing is a highly controllable, cost-effective way to earn a spot at the top of Google and Bing search results as well as on websites and digital platforms where your target audience spends the most time browsing. With 97% of the world’s population turning to online search to find local products and services and 75% of people agreeing that paid ads make it easier to find the online information they’re looking for, and 63% of online searchers say they click on paid ads.

2. What is PPC ad network?

An ad network is a platform that can deliver an ad to the users. Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is an example of an ad network. If you want to create PPC ads, you will use an ad network like Google, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Ads. These ad networks can connect you with different audiences, as well as supply unique targeting audiences.

3.  How do you know if a PPC Service is right for you?

Most businesses don’t grow because they don’t know the benefit of even a small investment in PPC services. It’s predictable that we often go for SEO and content marketing because they’re such great ways to drive website traffic (and capture leads). But, one of the major drawbacks of both strategies is that the results are largely out of your hands.

You may write a post that goes viral and gets tens of thousands of visitors. Or, you might write a post that gets 20 views. There are things you can do overtime to minimize this variance, but it will always be there. Additionally, your organic search engine traffic could change drastically at any time. Maybe you get outranked for a few major keywords or get hit with a Google penalty. So, while you can expect those sources of traffic to grow, you don’t know how much or how fast. And, you also have to be prepared for setbacks. With PPC services, on the other hand, your visitors are directly tied to how much you spend and the search engine algorithm is less of a factor.

4. How PPC Services are better?

  • With PPC services, you get the opportunity to reach parts of your target audience that were previously unreachable.
  • Did you know that the top 3 paid ad spots on a Google results page get 41% of the clicks on the page? If all you focus on is traditional SEO, it doesn’t matter how high you rank, that 41% of searchers will likely never see your content based on a natural search query.
  • We understand that PPC might be scary. Ads can get expensive, especially if you’re targeting high-value search engine terms. On top of that, there are many misconceptions that scare people about PPC more than they should.
  • Misconception – Margins are razor-thin: Most business owners and marketers try PPC once and lose money or break even. They conclude that there’s no money to be made with pay per click. But, there’s a steep learning curve to PPC.
4. Benefits of PPC Services

Pay per click marketing is commonly known as search engine marketing, Google marketing, or paid searches. These searches sometimes seem on Google, on top of the organic search results.

Want to understand the advantages of the pay per click marketing? We’ve incorporated an inventory of some unbelievable benefits of pay per click. Let’s have a glance at a few:

PPC is traceable and measurable:

PPC Services essentially runs through AdWords and it’s simply traceable. You’ll be able to easily use the AdWords tool with Google analytics to induce the simplest results. If you would like to examine a high-level performance, then you’ll embody details like – clicks, impressions, and conversions. Not simply that, you’ll get instant stats and get knowledge of your campaigns.

PPC services contribute to business aims:

PPC services will assist you to accomplish a variety of promoting and business goals and, PPC could be a powerful tool for enhancing web site traffic. With the assistance of PPC, nearly any conversion goal is traceable. PPC supports numerous elements of the sales funnel and makes the buyer aware. There’s no denying the very fact that PPC campaigns are the most effective and facilitate to get higher revenues.

Quick entry:

PPC services permit you to jumpstart promoting your brand. We tend to take voluminous time in positioning the content and routing the traffic. But, with the assistance of PPC, you’ll quickly forge a large network and the potential customers. PPC services could be a nice platform that permits you to try and do everything from analysis to writing out the ads. With stripped-down involvement, you’ll heal conversion rates.

PPC services work nicely with numerous selling channels:

As we tend to understand, content writing company services have fully confiscated the digital selling world. The companies are trying to find better ways to produce a lot of original content for the users. And, for this, marketers are taking the help of AdWords to derive additional guests and increase the ROI.

All in all, if you wish your business to grow and reach nice heights, then investment in PPC Services can give you endless advantages. If you’re not taking help from it, then you’re missing on the potential leads, clicks, and sales each day. Have any doubts regarding PPC services? Reach us: The Digital Marketing Company in Ghaziabad at www.promobuddy.in

6. How to Drive Greater Brand Growth?

Want to drive traffic to your website in a cost-effective way? Here is the answer to your question- wondering what pay per click advertising (PPC) actually entails. It can help you target customers based on the advertisements that they view. One of the most effective online marketing techniques, Pay per click marketing is utilized to drive targeted traffic to a brand’s website, enabling the business to reach its prospective customers.

Effective PPC campaign management results in increased sales through better conversion rates. If you own a brand or company, PPC services are the need of the hour for growing it. In this blog you’ll get to know about:

  • Where can you advertise with PPC ads?

You can advertise across the Internet with PPC ads.

The most popular locations include:

  • Search results
  • Third-party websites and social media

When advertising online, most businesses will focus on specific platforms, like:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

If you’re creating a PPC campaign, you want to focus your efforts on the most valuable channels for your business. For example, if your audience uses Facebook more than Twitter, you probably want to dedicate more of your advertising budget to Facebook. Also, researching for your audience, as well as polling current customers, can help focus your PPC campaign on the platforms with the most potential.

7. What factors determine my PPC costs?

 With PPC, what you pay per click depends on several factors, including:


In PPC, your bid is how much you’re willing to pay for someone to click on your ad. And, while you may pay less than your bid (depending on the ad auction) you won’t pay more than your bid.


Targeting, from keywords to demographics, can also influence your PPC costs. Bidding on a competitive keyword like “consumers insurance agency,” for instance, can result in higher costs because it features a higher cost-per-click (CPC).

Ad quality:

In addition, your Quality score also matters in pay-per-click advertising. But, big brands can’t pay-to-win in PPC because ad networks, like Google Ads, look at the quality and relevance of ads. Often, high-quality ads can maintain lower costs than low-quality ads.

For PPC Services pricing and the most cost-effective ads, focus on building high-quality ads with reasonable bids. Before you launch an ad campaign, think about the user experience. Also, when people see your ads, for instance, will it make them curious enough to click, and will your landing page deliver on that curiosity?

If you’re partnering with a PPC agency, choose an agency that values your budget. Signing with an agency that doesn’t treat your budget like their own can often result in wasted ad spend, high bids, and requests for an even bigger ad spend.

8. Why advertise with pay-per-click ads?

Advertising with PPC ads offers your business several advantages in the marketplace, including:

  • Set a custom budget that you can change at any time
  • Access useful targeting options unavailable in traditional advertising
  • Receive insightful audience and campaign data
  • Respond to campaign performance in real-time to maximize performance
  • Show up above organic results in online searches
  • Outrank competitors
  • Accomplish various goals, from brand awareness to purchases
  • Reach people, also, when they’re looking for you
  • Support other digital marketing initiatives, like search engine optimization (SEO)
9. What businesses can (and should) advertise online?

Any business can use PPC marketing. A few examples include:

  • Franchises
  • Restaurants
  • HVAC companies
  • Insurance agencies
  • Ecommerce stores
  • Manufacturers
  • Dentists
  • Heavy equipment dealers
9. Why Hire a PPC Company to Manage Your Pay Per Click Ads?

Pay per click (PPC / CPC) platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads are self-service platforms. You don’t technically need to hire professional PPC management services to set up and manage your PPC campaign. And, most small business owners lack the time. and, the expertise and tools required to maximize ROI from a PPC marketing campaign. Pay per click advertising is incredibly measurable and controllable.

For the average small business investing in pay per click advertising services, it’s far more cost-effective to outsource pay per click set-up, management, and ongoing optimization. Should you decide to work with a PPC agency for your ad campaigns, make sure they have some experience in your industry. With PPC services, you can also know we will do Instagram Promotion, Instagram marketing and, Facebook marketing.

-> If you own a brand or company, PPC services are the need of the hour for growing it. PPC is a highly flexible option that can be scaled up swiftly and used to generate high-quality leads.



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