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We help you grow your Business on Social Media Platforms that Matters the Most. We are a Creative, Strategically Driven, Techno-Friendly best Digital Marketing Company, We Provide SMM Services. We offer Affordable SMO or SMM Services Across the World. We plan a functional strategy for your Business in a descending order starting from the social media channels most important for your brand & business. And, leading to the social media channels acquiring the least important for your business. Though, our social media marketing services focus on all the platforms equally. Because, Sometimes, the smallest one imparts the biggest change. So, who knows when the magic wand works.


Some of the Channels of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services In India


Post Engagements, Page Likes, Page Promotions, Videos sharing, Images sharing, Infograms, Carousel, Event Promotions, Canvas, Slideshow, Product Collection, Facebook Ads.


Daily Photo Updates, Videos, Stories, Promotions to make potential customers aware of your products and services. Drive more Conversions using Ads. Help you Gaining more Followers.


Build relevant connections, Text, Image, Video Ads, Sponsored Content Ads, Follow Company Ads, Sponsored InMail ads to Target B2B audience for Lead generation or Sales.


Regular Tweets, Promote Tweets, Accounts, and Trends. Increase Followers, Awareness, Video views, Web traffic, Apps installation, or Lead generation.


TrueView (In-stream or In-Display ad), Pre-roll i.e. Non-Skippable ads, Bumper ads (non-skippable 6 seconds long ads), Sponsored card Ads to increase Awareness of products or Services. Remarketing. Increase Subscribes and Page Likes.

Paid Promotions for Social Media Marketing To Reach More Potential Customers

We build strategic planning for SMM Services. We utilize your budget in the best possible way to target the right audience with content planning to deliver the right message at the right place on right time with creative, attractive and engaging ads. Our Marketing Experts keep a constant eye on promotions insights and tracks every interaction with your brand. Geographic and Demographic Targeting. We optimize the campaigns on a regular basis to provide ROI over the marketing budget spent. Promobuddy, a Social Media Marketing Company in Ghaziabad increases your visibility on the Social Platforms

SMM Services, SMM Services in Ghaziabad, Social Media Marketing Services in Ghaziabad, Social Media Marketing Company in Ghaziabad, SMM Services, SMM Services in Ghaziabad, Social Media Marketing Services in Ghaziabad, Social Media Marketing Company in Ghaziabad,


REASON 1 - Your Customers Are On Social Media

No matter what Industry you are in, almost all your customers are using social media and that too for the major part of their day. In such a scenario, it becomes very important to keep them engaged with your brand, services or products. This is beneficial so that you’re always an option when they even think about similar services or products as yours.

REASON 2 People Are Talking About Services, Products Similar to What you Offer.

This is an Era when people before Shopping, Search Online, read reviews, probe social media channels, Chat with brands through social media (apart from their websites), and after so many other similar steps, they make a purchase. This very clearly explains why you need to opt for Social Media Marketing Services.


REASON 3 - People Are Talking About Your Company/Brand/Products/Services on Different Social Media Channels

Apart from being visible in front of your Potential Customers, you can also be notified with their thoughts, needs, satisfaction, and issues with your brands. People communicate with you Business on your Social Media Pages/Channels. This forms a great opportunity for you to understand what your customers are looking for, and even to predict your customer’s behavior. After all, Customer Satisfaction is for what we all are competing.


REASON 4 - Preserve Your Precious Time/ Taking Care and Keeping an Eye Over All the Different Social Media

As it is visible, managing so many different Social Media Platforms is tedious. Moreover, it requires creative and trained experts to design Images, Videos, and usage of attractive Call To Actions. For this, you need the help of Digital Marketing Expert Companies who manage all your Social Media Platforms with utmost devotion. And, You’ve come the right way. We treat your Business as ours and keep all your Social Media platforms updated constantly.

Social Media Marketing Leads to:

  • Brand awareness
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Lead generation
  • Remarketing
  • Viral Campaign
  • Community Development
  • Influencer Marketing

We Help You To:

  • Reach the Right Customers
  • Boost Your Visibility
  • Drive Traffic to Your Site
  • Attract Quality Leads
  • Choose Your Channels

SMM Services, SMM Services in Ghaziabad, Social Media Marketing Services in Ghaziabad, Social Media Marketing Company in Ghaziabad, SMM Services, SMM Services in Ghaziabad, Social Media Marketing Services in Ghaziabad, Social Media Marketing Company in Ghaziabad,

Planned social media advertising, geared to your Business

Eminent, Impressive and Effective Campaigns


Engage and influence your target audience with professionally written, visually phenomenal ad campaigns that generate clicks.


Cornerstone TARGETING


We design your campaigns by targeting your potential audience to ensure that your ad is seen by the right people. We don’t run ambiguous ads that put your ad in front of people not interested in your services or the ones you know won’t convert. We Target ads according to their location, age, gender, and all other demographics


Constant Optimization


We’ll screen your advertisements and audit your progressing social strategies to figure out what’s working and recognize opportunities for development. To keep you on track with your objectives, we’ll persistently review and modify your campaign


Detailed Reports


We keep all the reports and your ads performance transparent with you. We share all the valuable insights of your business into who interacts with your ads, how many sign-ups occur, who likes your Business, and on this basis who to target with your next campaign.




Allure your potential customers to drive more traffic by showing creative video ads. We sit with you and talk about your journey to make more compelling and influencing videos.


Flexible Social Media Channels


Since every social media has its own specialty, the same way every business has different things to offer. So, pick the social media platform that works for your Business and your Budget.