Want to earn sitting home? Here’s your Chance!

 Due to Corona, and lockdown due to Corona, Quarantine is the only option to get ourselves safe and protected. And, what we are doing to ourselves during this quarantine?


We keep scrolling our social media whole day and night. What if you could make a few/ a lot of bucks out of that Social Media? Yes, you definitely can! And, how much depends on you, the more you bring the more you earn.

Now, let’s talk about HOW?

Start Earning

You have a followers on social media, you have friends, there are people linked with you in one or the other manner.

All you have to do is to share the services provided by Promobuddy. Many times, we encounter something we were looking for in a story on social media, on WhatsApp, or anywhere online. And, we end up buying the product or service.

You can also be the one who people end up buying to. And, having no stress about how’s and what’s and if’s and but’s, you just have to bring the project, get your share and you are done.

I presume, most of the people are aware of Affiliate marketing. That’s it what you are doing here.

You share our business, you get us business and you get your share!

The more you bring, the more you make, as simple as that.


Now, if you are thinking, “What if I don’t know how to promote your Services”?

Don’t Worry. We are here for you. We will provide you sample messages for all the services that you can share wherever you want. You forward the queries to us once people respond to your content.

If the person is genuinely interested and take up any of our services, you are paid your commission for that Service.


We Play It Honest!

We share the final quotation with you and you get your commission.

You earn 10% of the Project you bring.

You need not limit yourself to India only. You can approach people globally. We will handle the enquiry. If conversion occurs then you are paid.

Perks and Benefits

If you bring us business of Rs50,000 within 2 weeks, you win Bonus of Rs4500/-

If you bring us business of Rs1,00,000 within 2 weeks, you win Bonus of Rs10,000/-

If you bring us business of Rs2,00,000 within 3 weeks, you win a bonus of Rs15,000.

Why should you get In?

Well, If you still have this doubt. Then, here we go. You are otherwise sharing a lot of stuff and unknowingly promoting it, and they are making money but you are just losing your eyes, your precious time and gaining just nothing.

So, why not share something that will pay you. In this time of Corona, get paid sitting at your home.
Have that warm cup of coffee, relax on your couch and share Promobuddy.

If people discuss their needs with you and you find any of that match with our services, you hit the target right at the moment.

One more benefit I could point out here, you get to learn aspects of Digital Marketing while getting paid. This is the hottest topic everywhere around the world.

People pay a lot to learn it and you, on the contrary, are being paid for the same (indirectly you are gaining something of course, in terms of knowledge as well)


Summarizing it all together, it is an easy job to do that doesn’t even require much of your time. You just need a phone and social media presence. You need nothing much to start earning. Share our brand, our services, spread a word about Promobuddy, the services, and what we do. The Website has detailed content for all the services. You can read it and frame your promotional content yourself as well. Additionally, we are providing sample messages. If you got any doubt, we are always there to answer you. Should you get any queries, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Sample Promotional Messages

Website Designing

  1. Are you looking for a Web Designer? Get the best creative design, user friendly, easy to navigate website. 24x7 support and full cooperation.
  2. Don’t wait and get your business online. Get a Website for your brand to put it in front of billions of internet users.
  3. Best Website Designing Company to get your brand a creative angle. Get yours now!
  4. Website Designing Services for Digital India. Go Digital because it is trending.
  5. It’s Quarantine but you don’t waste time. You can still work for your brand. Get it online by giving it a Website.

SEO Services

  1. Want your website to appear when people search on Google? We do it for you. Take our SEO services and get the job done.
  2. Without SEO your website is a virus without a host. Give it a life. We rank your website on top in Google searches.
  3. Looking for SEO services reliable and result-oriented. Don’t miss on Promobuddy. Enquire today.
  4. Want to Rank on Google’s first page. We will get you there. Contact us - xxxxxxxxxx

SMM Services

  1. Engage people with Social Media for your brand. Social Media Marketing Services to share your work, to engage people with your work.
  2. Top-notch social media marketing services. Interested? Know more!
  3. Want a huge following for your social media? Don’t procrastinate, start today!
  4. Aware people of your brand/business/work. Let them know what you have to sell. Go for Social Media Marketing.

PPC Services

  1. Are you struggling to get leads for your business? Worry no more. Our PPC Services would do the job for you.
  2. Get leads generated and increase your ROI with Promobuddy’s PPC Services.
  3. Instant Lead generation services. Get busy with numerous leads. Start today. Contact to know more.
  4. Pay per click, pay per sale, pay per view or any promotional event you are looking for is available here. DM for more details.

Logo designing

  1. Give your brand an identity that people remember. We design beautiful and self-explanatory logo.
  2. Logo Designing to give your brand a creative angle. Get your logo now.
  3. Beautiful logos are designed here.  Get your brand one now.
  4. Are you looking for someone to design a unique logo at an affordable price? Search no more. We will do the job for you.

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!